The Pros and Cons of Online Dating Services

Covenant Life Church recently put together a paper on the subject of online dating for the single men and women in their church. I like the paper’s opening line: “Don’t you wish it was as easy for you as it was for Adam and Eve?”

The paper identifies some of the benefits of online dating sites:

  • Interaction with a much larger group of singles
  • Can evaluate a potential date before meeting face-to-face
  • Many participants are interested in a serious relationship
  • Positive examples of couples who met and got married,

as well as some concerns to consider:

  • Expensive – from $30-$50/month
  • Time-consuming – can distract from other priorities
  • False hope – very few relationships actually end in marriage
  • Safety issues – potential predators, liars, con-men/women
  • Potential compromise – in the areas of values, standards or beliefs
  • Self-focus – can reinforce self-focused view of relationships
  • Loss of protection from church community – You lose the benefit of dating someone known by others you trust.

What are your thoughts on online dating? Have you or people you know had positive or negative experiences with online dating sites? What did people do before the internet?

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