News and Notes – 5/17/2007

G.I. Jonah. Don Levine, the creator of G.I. Joe, presents Almighty Heroes, a series of Bible-based action figures depicting champions from the Old Testament. The new series includes biblical figures such as Samson, David, Noah and Moses. For girls, there are fashion dolls based on women such as Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior. Each figure comes with its own Bible storybook. Levine, who is Jewish, hopes that children can learn about the same heroes that he did as he grew up.

A long way from home. A very confused penguin swam ashore on Peru’s southern coast Sunday, 3100 miles north of its Antarctic home. “It seems he was disoriented and got lost in the sea due to the different ocean currents,” said Wilder Canales, who heads the National Paracas Reserve in southern Peru. Maybe it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Preacher dies preaching. The Rev. Dennis Jenkins, a retired minister, died while preaching an anniversary service at Tabernacle Baptist Chapel in Wales. He was 77 years old. Chapel secretary Nigel Hughes said: “His sudden death was a great shock not only to his family but also to the church and the wider Christian community throughout Wales and beyond. This grief is tempered by the fact he died proclaiming the Christian gospel he loved and preached so passionately.” That’s how I want to go – just not this Sunday.

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