Reading the Bible with Non-Christian Friends (2)

A couple weeks ago I posted on Reading the Bible with Non-Christian Friends. Mr. Dawn Treader shares about doing exactly that over at his blog. See his post on Opening the Bible with an Unbeliever here.


  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    Ray – the study I sometimes teach called Christianity Explained is basically this approach. We read Mark. We talk about what it means to be a Christian. For example, a Christian would believe that Jesus was God. A non-Christian would not. We look at Jesus’ claims in Mark. We see where Christians get the notion that Jesus is Someone to be worshiped. A Christian sees the cross as more than a grotesquely painful way to die. We see it as our redemption because Jesus took our place there. Then, of course, a Christian believes Jesus actually rose from the dead. Non-believers don’t. It’s very factual and the questions are wonderfully refreshing and real. And…a person is given a six week opportunity to study the claims of Christ. Many choose Him after that, but there is never pressure to do so. God does the working on the human heart. Anyway, it is put out by Scripture Union and I highly recommend it.

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