National Day of Prayer Reminder

Don’t forget – today is the National Day of Prayer. See yesterday’s post for more information on how to find a prayer event near you.

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  1. Lizzie Palmer created this video in honor of those who have served our country. It is an amazing reminder of who these men and women really are and how much they sacrifice. Please, take a moment and meet some of those who are serving our country in the armed forces. Take a minute to remember. And then, please, take a moment to say a prayer for each and every one of them, and then say a prayer of thanks that we have been blessed with so many men and women who are willing to so selflessly and courageously serve our country. (Please give the video a moment to load)

    Link To Video: I need to know – Do You Remember Me?

    My father once told me that courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act in the face of it. We are a nation of many faiths and different races, but we have been blessed with thousands of men and women who selflessly and courageously risk their lives every day so that we might remain safe, and free. In close, we want to share with you what one marine, Cam Beck, wrote about the Marine’s motto:

    “For my family, Semper Fidelis is more than a fancy slogan. It is truly a way of life.” And if you know anything about the Marines, you know that he is right. And certainly this marine would know, for his father retired from the Marine Corps in the 90s, after serving over twenty years and more than one tour of duty in a combat zone. In addition, he and his two brothers also joined the Marines. He went on to explain in his article what the Marine motto Semper Fidelis means. He said it means,

    “Always Faithful”.

    “It isn’t “Sometimes Faithful.”

    “Nor is it “Usually Faithful,- but always”.

    “It is not negotiable.”

    “It is not relative, but absolute.”.

    The Marines, and all of those who are risking their lives each and every day have been faithful to their mission of protecting us. We sent them. They went. And many of them have paid with their lives. Even worse, there have been news reports of soldiers being brutally tortured and killed. But still they go. Because they are Always Faithful.

    Now it’s our turn. And so as Moms, we ask each American to do what they can. Say a prayer, send a package, reach out to someone who is serving or someone who has just returned home from overseas. But whatever you choose, find a way-to say Thank You.

    In God We Trust,

    Theresa Fleming

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