A Poem for Easter

Here is a poem I wrote for Easter a number of years ago. I hope you enjoy it, and I wish you a very happy Easter!

“EASTER” – by Ray Fowler

Weave a crown of thorns; spit on love incarnate;
Stretch his flesh against the splintered surface and
Strike the nail’s head. Crushed for our sins,
The Savior breathes ever slower.

Breath of Spirit pierces the tomb’s dark chamber;
Blinding flash illumines the corpse now rising,
Standing, dancing, joyfully living love for
Those who had slain him.

Click here for technical notes on the poem “Easter.”
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  1. Margaret says:

    I didn’t know you wrote poetry. Appreciated the Easter poem, (even read the technical notes following!) It is so hard to imagine what our Saviour went through for us, and so awesome to think of the resurrection. The hymn that most lifted my spirits on Easter morning was the Gaither hymn “Because He lives”. Triumph and joy!

  2. Bing Chang says:

    I just heard about your great blog and enjoyed reading all the postings. I always wonder about the definition of “death” from God’s perspective, as well as the meaning of “life”. Recently, one friend was struggling at hospice in her last stage of life, I composed the following poem for her, modelling the structure of Mother Teresa’s poem:

    A Blessing To Life
    Bing Chang (9/4/2014)

    Life is flesh, sanctify it.
    Life is spirit, believe it.

    Life is temporality, journey it.
    Life is eternity, embrace it.

    Life is limit, transcend it.
    Life is infinity, enter it.

    Life is reality, accept it.
    Life is surreality, dream it.

    Life is memory, cherish it.
    Life is ethereality, experience it.

    Life is suffering, endure it.
    Life is relieving, thank it.

    Life is chaos, overlook it.
    Life is tranquility, enjoy it.

    Life is earthiness, ignore it.
    Life is divinity, praise it.

    Life is repentance, pray for it.
    Life is forgiveness, revere it.

    Life is distress, weather it.
    Life is peace, bathe in it.

    Life is sorrow, tolerate it.
    Life is love, hug it.

    Life is parting, bless it.
    Life is homecoming, glorify it.

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