How To Do a Phone Interview

Boston Globe columnist Penelope Trunk has five great tips on how to do better in a phone interview:

1. Attend to your surroundings. Get in a good spot physically . . . Don’t take the interview when you are at your desk and can’t talk freely. Don’t take the call when there is too much noise in the background . . . If you did not schedule it beforehand, feel free to ask the interviewer if you can call back at a better time.

2. Dress for the part. Consider getting dressed up for your interview, even though no one will see you . . . When there’s a risk of you sounding too casual or unprofessional on the phone, dressing up a little can actually change how you sound.

3. Stand up. You’ll sound more self confident and dynamic if you stand while you speak than if you sit. Walking around a bit, but not too much, also keeps the call going smoothly . . . Using hand gestures is very natural for talking, so allow yourself to use them, even though you’re on the phone.

4. Prepare for the most obvious questions. Be prepared to give organized, rehearsed examples of how you have performed at work in the past in order to show your skill set. Also, be ready for a question about the most obvious problem on your resume — often frequent job changes or big gaps in work. These are answers you should practice.

5. Don’t forget to close. Your goal for a phone interview is to get an in-person interview. So don’t get off the phone until you have made some efforts to get to that step. Ask what the process is for deciding who to interview face-to-face. Ask for decision-making timelines, and try to find out who is making the decisions.

And don’t forget a key component of a successful interview — even for a phone interview: A thank you note.

You can read the full article at Penelope’s blog here.

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