Praying about China’s One Child Policy

While praying for China these past two weeks, one prayer challenge in particular has stayed with me – the challenge concerning China’s ‘One Child’ policy. Here is #4 under “Challenges for Prayer” in Operation World’s Prayer Guide for China on March 24, 2007:

The ‘One Child’ policy is a draconian means of taming the growth of the population. Family life has been deeply impacted, shown in: a higher divorce rate, 10m abortions a year (nearly all girls), suicide (40% of the world’s suicides are in China), pampered children with poor interpersonal skills and the abandonment of baby girls and older people. The rising generation will pay a heavy cost — in 2000 there were 90m marriageable unmarried men; in some areas young men outnumber young women by 30-40% — rape, abductions, female slavery, incest, prostitution and the rapid spread of AIDS could all be the result. Pray for family stability and health. Pray also for wise policies to be implemented that will stabilize the population.

Ten million abortions . . . each year . . . most of them girls. That is unfathomable. That is greater than the population of some countries. “Praying for you, China . . .” (Randy Stonehill; See previous post here for complete song lyrics.)

For more about Operation World, see this post here.

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  1. Timothy Michalak says:

    Unfortunately, Pastor Ray, it is very real. I’ve heard stories from my parents from when they were missionaries to China. They knew a man there who actually worked for a company that aborted babies. And the sickest thing is, this “company” wasn’t a hospital, it was a van they drove around to peoples houses and aborted the babies in the home or in the back of the van.

    It is probably the hardest thing to be a woman in China. My mother was telling me how women have to report to their boss their monthly menstruation. If they fail to report, they are marked as pregnant and the van will come.


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