Thieves of Their Own Imaginations

Here is a great quote by Albert Mohler on the importance of reading in his blog post today entitled: We Are What We Read — David McCullough on Reading and History.

Reading is a crucial means of education and gaining knowledge. But books mean more than knowledge in the most basic sense. Books allow minds to meet, ideas to be exchanged, and experiences to be remembered or imagined. Those who do not read impoverish themselves by choice. They are the thieves of their own imaginations and wisdom.


  1. david fowler says:

    I enjoyed listening to David McCulough’s book 1776 on my iPod while commuting to work.

  2. Bethany says:

    Wow – I can’t imagine not reading. Even with my busy homeschooling life I always have at least one fiction and one non-fiction book going. For fiction I’m reading a light but fun murder mystery “Key Lime Pie Murder” by Joanna Fluke. (My family wants to know why such a peaceful person as I am is so passionate for murder mysteries. No, I don’t like the gory ones – just like to solve puzzles.) For nonfiction, my 18-year-old has asked me to please read Augustine’s Confessions so I can discuss it with him. I can’t say I was thrilled but I dutifully dug in (who can say no to that?) and am surprised that they’re quite readable. He has warned me that after the autobiographical part there are some very complex thoughts on time, space, and matter, so we shall see how I survive…

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