Changing Your Attitude at Work

Max Lucado shares the following statistics from Dan Miller’s book 48 Days to the Work You Love:

  • One-third of Americans say, “I hate my job.”
  • Two-thirds of your fellow citizens labor in the wrong career.
  • Others find employment success, but no satisfaction.
  • Most suicides occur on Sunday nights.
  • Most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings.

If these statistics are accurate, then clearly a lot of people are struggling with satisfaction at work. However, Lucado advises that before you go looking at changing careers, perhaps you should first try changing your attitude towards your job.

God calls us to glorify him in all our life – not just Sunday mornings at church. For most of us, that means we are called to glorify God during the week through our work. Whatever your job, you can glorify God by doing it right and giving him your best.

Intentionally offer your work back to God as a sacrifice of praise to him. If you are a plumber, then glorify God through your plumbing. If you are a student, then glorify God through your studies. If you are raising your children at home, then glorify God through your parenting. Martin Luther once said, “The cobbler praises God when he honestly makes a good pair of shoes.”

Max Lucado has some good thoughts on this subject (and of course some good stories) in his article, The Lord’s Career Advice. By the way, please keep Max Lucado and Oak Hills Church in San Antonio in your prayers as Max steps down as pastor due to health concerns. You can read Max’s letter to his church family about his decision here.

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