Why Blog? Three Reasons To Start

I know a number of you are new to blogs, so I thought I would take a moment to share with you why I have decided to blog. I began reading blogs about a year and a half ago and have benefited greatly from the information and interaction that the blog format provides. I am more of a blog reader than a blog commenter, but I have still enjoyed reading and learning from the comments of others.

So why blog? Here are three reasons:

1) Share information: This is one of the primary reasons to blog. There is a lot of information out there, and I appreciate the bloggers who have tracked down pertinent information for me and presented it in an organized and readable format. Information sharing goes both ways. Blogging allows me to share information with you, and you to share information back with me. This way we learn from each other.

2) Connect with people: That is – connect with old friends and meet new people as well. Blogging is a public forum and so any number of people may stop by and eventually become a regular reader/contributor at a particular site. I look forward to meeting new people through this site and hope you do too.

3) Capture and organize ideas: As a pastor I do a lot of reading – not just blogs, but books and magazine articles too. I often have lots of ideas while reading, but unless I write those ideas down someplace, I am bound to lose them. Blogging gives me a place to write down and share some of those ideas along the way.

Why blog? Those are three reasons that have motivated me to get started. What do you think? What are some other benefits of reading or writing blogs?

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