Mission and Conflict

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Mission and Conflict (Matthew 10-12)

On Mission from God – Matthew 10:1-15 (Jesus sends out the twelve)
Warning and Encouragement – Matthew 10:16-31 (Facing opposition)
Jesus and Division – Matthew 10:32-42 (Not peace but a sword)
A Faithful Messenger – Matthew 11:1-19 (John the Baptist)
Those Who Do Not Repent – Matthew 11:20-24 (Woe to you)
Rest for the Weary – Matthew 11:25-30 (The easy yoke)
Lord of the Sabbath – Matthew 12:1-14 (Jesus and the Pharisees)
God’s Gentle Servant – Matthew 12:15-21 (Fulfilling Isaiah)
Jesus and Satan – Matthew 12:22-37 (Blasphemy against the Spirit)
The Sign of Jonah – Matthew 12:38-45 (Asking for a miraculous sign)
Jesus and Family – Matthew 12:46-50 (My brother and sister and mother)