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Understanding God's Word
Welcome to the Sermons Page!

I post Sunday’s sermon to this page each week. Click on a title to view the message or message series.

Note: A number of these message series are now available as books.

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Textual Messages:
Genesis (4)
Exodus (12)
Deuteronomy (1)
Judges (5)
Ruth – A Christmas Story (4)
1 Samuel (41)
2 Samuel (1)
1 Kings (1)
Psalms (37)
Isaiah (6)
Lamentations (1)
Habakkuk – The Journey from Doubt to Faith (6)
Matthew (110)
Mark (29)
Luke (20)
John (4)
Acts (1)
Romans (9)
1 Corinthians (4)
2 Corinthians (1)
Galatians (10)
Philippians – Partners in the Gospel (15)
Colossians – Living the Christ-Centered Life (15)
1 Thessalonians – Lessons from a Growing Church (11)
1 Timothy – Doing Church Together (15)
Hebrews (19)
2 John (1)

Topical Messages:
Baptism Service
Called Series (6)
Biblical Foundations Series (7)
The Challenge and Power of One Series (5)
Christ Our Purpose Series (6)
Christian Finances in Troubled Times
Christian Home Fixer Upper Series (8)
A Christian in the Voting Booth (2008)
Church on Purpose Series (4)
Coronavirus and God’s Protective Care (Psalm 91)
Coronavirus Q & A
Encouraged by the Holy Spirit
Five Reasons to Read God’s Word This Year
Foundations of Marriage Series (4)
Fruit of the Spirit Sermon Series: Growing More Like Jesus (10)
God and Natural Disasters (Hurricane Irma)
God So Loved the World
God’s Good Creation Series (4)
Hot Button Topics Series (8)
Lord, I Have a Problem Series (10)
Lord, Make My Life Count! Series (6)
The Magnificent Word of God Series (6)
Millennial Madness, Millennial Peace (Y2K sermon)
Praying For … Series (7)
Overcoming Sin and Temptation Series (3)
Real Answers about Heaven Series (10)
Seven Principles for Christian Giving
Why Do We …? Series (5)

Special Day Messages:
Communion Sermons
Christmas Sermons
Easter Sermons
Father’s Day Sermons
Mother’s Day Sermons
Sanctity of Life Sermons
Thanksgiving Sermons

Audio/Video Messages:
YouTube / Plantation Community Church
A Brief Primer on Worship – Psalm 100
Can You Hear Me Now? – 1 Samuel 3:1-21
Choosing Contentment – 1 Timothy 6:3-10
Church on Purpose Series – various scriptures

Note: You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute these messages provided that you do not alter the wording in any way and that you do not charge a fee beyond the cost of reproduction. For any web postings, please link to the sermon directly at this website. Please include the following statement on any distributed copies: By Ray Fowler. © Ray Fowler. Website:   Thank you.