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Fowler Digital Services

           “Quality work and competitive pricing for all your digital book needs”

Hello and welcome to Fowler Digital Services. Fowler Digital provides quality ebook and audiobook conversions at competitive rates. (Click here for a list of projects I have worked on.)

A growing number of people are making the shift from print books to digital. If you are interested in self-publishing or looking to convert any of your materials into ebook formats, I can help. I provide personal attention and professional results for every project. I will step you through the process and work with you to make sure you are fully satisfied with your final product.

You can browse this web page for more information or just call me at (954) 809-8536 to get started. You can also reach me by email at I look forward to helping you with your next digital book project!   – Ray Fowler

                           Services | Pricing | Contact | About | Project List


1) Ebook Conversions:

  • ePub and Mobi formats suitable for iPad/iPhone, Kindle and Nook Amazon Kindle
  • quality hand-builds guaranteed to work on all standard ereaders
  • active table of contents with NCX navigation
  • all files validated XHTML and ePubCheck compliant
  • convert from a variety of formats (Word, PDF, Text, RTF, etc.)
  • additional services available upon request:
    • fully-linked footnotes, indexing, etc.
    • special images, tables, charts
    • book page-number grid (This unique feature provides links to pages from the print edition of the book.)
    • proofreading, editing, transcriptions, etc.
  • will work with you to handle the unique demands of your project

2) Audiobook Conversions:

  • conversion of audiobooks to downloadable format (MP3, etc.)
  • all files tagged with appropriate metadata
  • will work with you to provide the precise specifications and formats
    that you require

3) Music CD Conversions:

  • conversion of music CDs to MP3 portable format
  • all files tagged with appropriate metadata

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1) Ebooks: Pricing varies according to fiction or non-fiction works due to different formatting requirements.

  • Fiction titles are charged on a flat-fee basis assuming standard formatting with no additional requirements.
    • most fiction titles: $150 flat-fee
    • shorter works (under 17,500 words): $100 flat-fee
  • Non-fiction titles are charged on a per-page basis due to more complex formatting requirements.
    • basic titles: $1/page ($150 minimum)
    • more complex titles (i.e. footnotes; indexing; extra formatting; etc.): price adjusted based on additional requirements
  • ePub and Kindle/Mobi copies included with each order.

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2) Audiobooks: Pricing varies according to the source material provided: CDs, cassettes, or raw MP3 files.

  • CD to MP3: $7/disc
  • Cassette to MP3: $12/cassette
  • Raw MP3 files: $7/hour-length-of-audio (i.e. chunking smaller MP3 files into CD length files suitable for download)
  • 320k backup files and 64k download files included with each order.

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3) Music CDs: Pricing varies according to desired playback quality of files.

  • Good quality: $1.00/disc (192kbps; good quality – saves space)
  • High quality: $1.50/disc (320 kbps; better quality – takes up more space)
  • DVD with all music files arranged by folder included with each order.

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Content Exclusion: Please note, we reserve the right to turn down any project that does not fit our content standards. Fowler Digital does not accept sexually explicit materials.

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Ray Fowler at:
Fowler Digital Services
5300 SW 6th Street
Plantation, FL 33317

Phone: (954) 809-8536

                           Services | Pricing | Contact | About | Project List


Hello! My name is Ray Fowler, and I am the owner/operator of Fowler Digital Services. I am a former sound engineer with a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music and experience working in various studios in Los Angeles. I am also an avid reader and blogger with an active interest in computers and ebook technology. I would be glad to assist you with any of your digital book needs.

I produce quality ePub and mobi/Kindle conversions which are readable on all standard e-readers including Apple iPad/iPhone, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook. I am careful to preserve the original format of the print book, as well as provide extra features such as an active table of contents, fully-linked footnotes, and even a page number grid (with links to pages from the print edition of the book).

If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ray Fowler

Recommendation at LinkedIn:

“Ray provides quality digital conversion services at an affordable price and with the highest degree of professionalism. His attention to details and expertise in working with files result in a digital product that will exceed your expectations and those of your customers. If you are looking for a service to easily and affordably convert your media into digital format (audiobooks, ebooks, etc.), you should be talking to Ray today!” June 13, 2010 (Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time )

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