Quick Takes – 6/13/2009

Dannah Gresh on Christian dating relationships: “A girl should get so lost in God, that a guy has to seek God to find her!”

Russell Moore writes about our family background as Christians (in the context of adoption). “Whether our background is Norwegian, Hatian and Indonesian, if we are united to Christ, our family genealogy is found not primarily in the front pages of our dusty old family Bible but inside its pages, in the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Our identity is in Christ; so his people are our people, his God our God.” (Adopted for Life, p. 37)

Jonathan Edwards urges believers on to greater zeal and resolve. “Two things urgently needed in ministers, if they would attempt great advances for the kingdom of Christ, are zeal and resolve. Their influence and power for impact are greater than we think. A man of ordinary abilities will accomplish more with zeal and resolve than a man ten times more gifted without zeal and resolve … Men who are possessed by these qualities commonly carry the day in almost all affairs.”

Crime writer Andrew Klavan recounts the prideful, arrogant little prayer that led to his conversion. “I was reading a novel … and got to the scene where one of the main characters … said a little prayer before going to sleep. That’s the one thing I’d never tried. So I said a very brief prayer of thanks and it went off in me like a bomb. There are really no words to describe it. I have always thought it was a tribute to the generosity of God that even such a prideful, arrogant little prayer in some sense would be answered.”

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