Around the Web – 5/29/2009

  • David & Goliath Art. DrawerGeeks has some interesting interpretive drawings of David and Goliath. (HT: Engage the Culture)
  • Francis Schaeffer Slept Here. Doug Nichols shares a fun story about his first time meeting Francis Schaeffer.
  • Negative Interest Rates. “Could we have negative nominal interest rates to combat a potential deflation? The question is debated from time to time, especially recently. It may seem unlikely, but it is not impossible.”
  • Ten and Win. Darrel Rundus will give $20,000 away to someone who can name the Ten Commandments in order in 20 seconds or less. You will need to listen to a gospel presentation first in order to register. (I hope the contest doesn’t cause anyone to break the tenth commandment!)

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