Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 5/17/2009

Yesterday’s message in the Gospel of Mark series was called Ordinary People; Extraordinary God, taken from Mark 3:7-19. The main idea of the message was that God is an extraordinary God who uses ordinary people to accomplish his work in this world. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. Jesus draws great crowds (verses 7-12)
    A. The people came from everywhere.
    B. There were so many they pushed forward to touch him.
    C. Jesus ordered the demons not to tell who he was.

II. Jesus calls the twelve apostles (verses 13-19)
    A. He called those he wanted.
    B. He appointed twelve as apostles.
        1) That they might be with him, and
        2) That he might send them out
            – to preach, and
            – to have authority to drive out demons
    C. “These are the twelve he appointed.”
        1) They were twelve ordinary men.
        2) They came from a variety of backgrounds.
        3) They would change the world forever.

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