Around the Web – 10/16/2008

  • Lawsuit against God dismissed. “A judge has thrown out a Nebraska legislator’s lawsuit against God, saying the Almighty wasn’t properly served, because of his unlisted home address.”
  • Trek Alert! SlashFilm has photos from the new Star Trek movie. The bridge looks awesome. My son asked, “Why does the technology look cooler when you’re actually going back earlier in time?” I guess the Star Wars prequels had the same problem.
  • Free Christian Film Festival. If you are in central Florida, check out the Greater Orlando Christian Film Festival, which kicks off today at Regal Cinemas in Orlando. The festival is sponsored by Christian Film Festivals of America and is evangelistic in purpose.
  • Mystery Worshipers. The Wall Street Journal reports on churches hiring professional “mystery worshipers” to evaluate their church. “To try to keep their flocks, churches are turning to undercover inspectors, who note water stains, dull sermons and poor hospitality.”
  • Q-Drum. Check out the Q-Drum, a low cost rollable water container for developing countries. Looks like someone re-invented the wheel, but in a good sense this time!


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