Around the Web – 9/12/2008

  • Holy Ghost Building. Christianity Today interviews Mike Roe about the new 77s album. Mike is also preparing to travel Route 66 with fellow musician Terry Taylor to interview people in preparation for a new Lost Dogs album.
  • Confiscating snacks. Find out what snacks airport security will and will not allow you to take on the airplane with you these days. You know, life was a lot funner when you could bring your own food into airplanes and movie theaters.
  • David Brickner Explains Remarks in Wasilla. David Brickner (Executive Director of Jews for Jesus) explains how his remarks at Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla were distorted by the media.
  • Pro-Life Resources for Churches. Stand to Reason links a number of resources to help church leaders equip their members to defend the unborn.
  • Jetpack in flight. Wired has the video. Of course, this is nothing new. Here is footage of a real jetpack used in the TV show Lost in Space back in 1965. (Video length: 2:02)

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