Beware of Phone Bill Scam (JumPage Solutions)

Note: JumPage Solutions also goes by the names: INC21 Communications, Metro YP,, INC21.COM,, Netopus and

Our eagle-eyed church treasurer noticed an additional charge of $39.95 (plus $2.00 state tax) tacked on to the end of our most recent phone bill. The new monthly web charge was billed on behalf of a company called JumPage Solutions. I did some quick research and found that this is a company that has been reported to the Better Business Bureau for the practice of “cramming.”

The FCC defines cramming as:

the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading, or deceptive charges on your telephone bill. Crammers rely on confusing telephone bills in an attempt to trick consumers into paying for services they did not authorize or receive, or that cost more than the consumer was led to believe.

The company first calls your church or business to verify your contact information. They may offer you a free service — which later converts to a paid service without your knowledge or consent. The charge then shows up as an additional item on your regular phone bill. If you do not notice it, you will end up paying for a service that you never authorized or requested.

I called our phone company (Verizon) and asked the customer service representative how Verizon could bill me for another company’s services without even checking with me first. She said all accounts are set up that way unless you tell them otherwise. I told her, “Then I am telling you otherwise.” She agreed to reverse the charges and change our church account to protect from future cramming. I then called JumPage and reported my complaint to them. I also filed a complaint with the San Francisco Better Business Bureau.

Action Points for Churches and Small Businesses:

  1. Check your phone bills for additional charges that should not be there. If there are unfamiliar charges, call your phone company immediately to have them removed.
  2. Tell your phone company you do not want outside providers using your phone bill for third-party billing.
  3. Beware of Yellow Pages representatives calling to verify your information or offering you free services, especially when they ask if you are the authorized person to make changes on the account.
  4. You can report any violations to the Better Business Bureau or the FCC.

You can learn more about JumPage and “cramming” at these two links:

Have you had problems with “cramming” on your phone bill? Share about it in the comments.


  1. aaron says:

    Thank you so much for your posting I had this EXACT problem and your posting was very useful in telling me how to continue. Thank you

  2. Someone says:

    We got one too. Scumbags.

  3. Jim Bob says:

    I had two charges on my Embarq phone bill. The 1st was from Payment 1 on behalf of Go Faxer in the AMT of $13.76 INCL tax for fax service. The 2nd was from OAN on behalf of in the AMT of $13.76 INCL tax for voice mail service.

    These are 3rd party billings.

    Everyone should call their phone company and have all 3rd party billings blocked.

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