Countdown to Caspian – Day 12 (At the Door)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian opens in theaters on Friday, May 16. In order to whet your appetite, I am counting down the fifteen days to the movie by sharing a favorite selection from each of the fifteen chapters of C. S. Lewis’ masterful book, Prince Caspian. (Warning: Plot spoilers ahead! But if you haven’t read the book, you should really read it before going to see the movie anyways!) Here goes — let’s count down to Caspian!

From Chapter 12: Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance

Tell that tale your own way for all I care,” answered Nikabrik. “But whether it was that the Horn was blown too late, or whether there was no magic in it, no help has come. You, you great clerk, you master magician, you know-all; are you still asking us to hang our hopes on Aslan and King Peter and all the rest of it?”

“I must confess — I cannot deny it — that I am deeply disappointed in the result of the operation,” came the answer [from Doctor Cornelius].

“To speak plainly,” said Nikabrik,” your wallet’s empty, your eggs addled, your fish un-caught, your promises broken.” Stand aside then and let others work. And that is why — ”

“The help will come,” said Trufflehunter. “I stand by Aslan. Have patience, like us beasts. The help will come. It may even now be at the door.”

Thoughts:  This section is a good illustration of waiting upon the Lord. Caspian has blown the horn, and they have called upon Aslan for help, but Nikabrik grows impatient and wants to take matters into his own hands. There are many Biblical examples of people running ahead of the Lord, not least Abraham and Sarah who seek to build a family through Hagar rather than wait for God’s promise. Trufflehunter has it right. “Have patience … The help will come. It may even now be at the door.” Little does he know that as he speaks these words, Peter, Edmund and Trumpkin are literally just outside the door listening quietly to the whole conversation. Are you going through a difficult time? Have you called out to God? Then have patience and wait upon the Lord. Help may be nearer than you think. (Thoughts? Comments? Do you have a favorite scene or quote from chapter twelve?)

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  1. Rachael says:

    Nice job once again Pastor Ray!
    I really like your thought on this one!
    I bet this is going to be a pretty scary scene in the movie!

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