Countdown to Caspian – Day 8 (Aslan’s Call)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian opens in theaters on Friday, May 16. In order to whet your appetite, I am counting down the fifteen days to the movie by sharing a favorite selection from each of the fifteen chapters of C. S. Lewis’ masterful book, Prince Caspian. (Warning: Plot spoilers ahead! But if you haven’t read the book, you should really read it before going to see the movie anyways!) Here goes — let’s count down to Caspian!

From Chapter 8: How They Left the Island

“Great Scott,” said Peter. “So it was the horn — your own horn, Su — that dragged us all off that seat on the platform yesterday morning! I can hardly believe it; yet it all fits in.”

“I don’t know why you shouldn’t believe it,” said Lucy, “if you believe in magic at all. Aren’t there lots of stories about magic forcing people out of one place — out of one world — into another? I mean, when a magician in The Arabian Nights calls up a Jinn, it has to come. We had to come, just like that.”

“Yes,” said Peter, “I suppose what makes it feel so queer is that in the stories it’s always someone in our world who does the calling. One doesn’t really think about where the Jinn’s coming from.”

“And now we know what it feels like for the Jinn,” said Edmund with a chuckle. “Golly! It’s a bit uncomfortable to know that we can be whistled for like that. It’s worse than what Father says about living at the mercy of the telephone.”

“But we want to be here, don’t we?” said Lucy, if Aslan wants us.”

Thoughts:  God doesn’t normally “whistle” us away from one place to another (but see Acts 8:39-40). However, he does call us to follow him, and therefore we should be willing to go anywhere at any time. It is a bit uncomfortable yielding control of your life to another. But Lucy has the right attitude. As with Lucy and Aslan, we want to be where God wants us, don’t we? (Thoughts? Comments? Do you have a favorite scene or quote from chapter eight?)

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