Countdown to Caspian – Day 6 (Nikabrik and Reepicheep)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian opens in theaters on Friday, May 16. In order to whet your appetite, I am counting down the fifteen days to the movie by sharing a favorite selection from each of the fifteen chapters of C. S. Lewis’ masterful book, Prince Caspian. (Warning: Plot spoilers ahead! But if you haven’t read the book, you should really read it before going to see the movie anyways!) Here goes — let’s count down to Caspian!

From Chapter 6: The People That Lived in Hiding

“Do you believe in Aslan?” said Caspian to Nikabrik.

“I’ll believe in anyone or anything,” said Nikabrik, “that’ll batter these cursed Telmarines to pieces or drive them out of Narnia. Anyone or anything. Aslan or the White Witch, do you understand?”

Trufflehunter called at the mouth of a little hole in a green bank and out popped the last thing Caspian expected — a Talking Mouse. He was of course bigger than a common mouse, well over a foot high when he stood on his hind legs, and with ears nearly as long as (though broader than) a rabbit’s. His name was Reepicheep and he was a gay and martial mouse. He wore a tiny little rapier at his side and twirled his long whiskers as if they were a moustache. “There are twelve of us, Sire,” he said with a dashing and graceful bow, “and I place all the resources of my people unreservedly at your Majesty’s disposal.”

Thoughts:  Today’s selections focus on the two diminutive characters, Nikabrik the dwarf and Reepicheep the mouse. Nikabrik represents the pragmatists of this world, those who believe only when it serves their purpose. Theirs is the faith of utility and convenience. They stand in stark contrast to the noble Reepicheep who would gladly die for his faith. There are many Nikabriks in this world: the politician who attends church to gain votes in the upcoming election; the non-believer who professes faith in order to marry his girlfriend; the teenager who acts like a Christian at home and a pagan with his friends. How about you? Are you a Nikabrik or a Reepicheep? (Thoughts? Comments? Do you have a favorite scene or quote from chapter six?)

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  1. Moksh Juneja says:

    Hi Ray,

    Since you had an innovative idea of sharing the Prince Caspian story, i thought of spreading the word. Have included your RSS feeds via tweetfeed on the Prince Caspian Twitter updates. Hope it’s ok with you???

  2. Sharon Gamble says:

    Ah Reepicheep! One of my favorite characters. Totally unaware that he is tiny and unable to do much, he valiantly does the right thing and – lo and behold – he is a giant and conquers!! I want to grow up and turn out like him.

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Moksh – Thanks for spreading the word! I hope your Twitter followers will enjoy the daily countdown.

    Sharon – Yes, Reepicheep is a great character. I like him even better in Dawn Treader. From what I have seen online, it looks like they have done a nice job in capturing him for the movie, too.

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