5 Things You Should Know about Evangelicals

John Mark Reynolds shares five things you should know about Protestant Evangelical Christians in hopes of lifting some cultural stereotypes and building a bridge towards greater understanding.

  1. Evangelicals are not just white, despite media perceptions.
  2. Evangelicals (in general) hate anti-Semitism.
  3. Evangelical culture values education highly.
  4. Evangelicals help the poor.
  5. Evangelicals help hundreds of thousands with severe personal problems become productive citizens.

Those are just the main headings. Reynolds elaborates on each of these points further in his article. Do you think Evangelicals suffer from stereotyping? Do most people today know these five things about Evangelicals?


  1. 😉

    I’m not even sure we can define what an “evangelical” is anymore!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Gunny – Good point! I tend to think of Evangelicals as those Protestant Christians who take seriously the authority of Scripture and the need to share Christ with others. Of course, that is a very simplistic description, but it seemed to work for quite a while. I think this is the group that Reynolds is talking about in his article, and this is the group that is often stereotyped in negative ways or misunderstood by the media.

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