Larry Norman’s Funeral/Memorial Service

Updated with photos and video: There was a public memorial ceremony for Larry at 10:00 am today (March 1, 2008) at The Church on the Hill, 2707 Maranatha Ct., Turner, Oregon, just south of Salem. Here are some photos. (Notice the plain, pine casket as Larry requested.) Here is a brief description of the service. And here is a link to the video montage that was shown at the service.

What a gathering! Perhaps 500 (?) of us poured into a church in Salem this morning to pay our respects to Larry. As we entered we were handed ‘circus programs’ (instead of a boring pamphlet) that read: Larry Norman Presents: A Going Away Party.

It was a gathering of friends, family and fans alike. As people caught up with one another organ music filled the air. Then, all of a sudden: SCREEEEEEETCH! It was the sound of a record player needle ripping across vinyl.

    “I ain’t knocking the hymns,
    Just give me a song that has a beat.
    I ain’t knocking the hymns,
    Just give me a song that moves my feet.
    I don’t like none of those funeral marches
    I ain’t dead yet!”

What followed was a wonderful montage of music, photographs, and videos of Larry throughout his life. Friends and family spoke and there were a few performances. After it was all over we ate hot dogs, popcorn and Cracker Jacks! A party. Just like Larry wanted.

What can I say? Sounds like Larry!

(Note: Here is another description of the service.)

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  1. Jonathan Collins says:

    I am so glad to hear the wonderful way people chose to celebrate Larry’s life, legacy, and ministry. I wanted to be there, and my wife encouraged me to go, but plane tickets were beyond what we could afford (about $700 each). I look foreward to reading more about tributes to Larry and hope that in the near future there might be a tour (that would include his brother Charles) dedicated to celebrating Larry’s 40 years of ministry. I can’t wait to be at the best concert ever in heaven that we all know Larry is going to be throwing!

    Abba’s little boy,
    Jonathan Collins- South Bend, Indiana

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