Flat-Screen HD TV with Remote – Only $99.99!

I got a kick out of this joke Black Friday* ad. You won’t find me shopping on Friday. I will be hanging out at home with Rose and the boys (after breakfast at Cracker Barrel, of course).

Flat Screen HD TV with Remote

Black Friday Special! Flat-Screen HD Television with FREE Nintendo Wii Remote. $99.99. Minimum 10,000 per store. No rainchecks. Make and model of television may vary. Wii remote may or may not include wriststrap.

HT: Woot

*Black Friday (the Day after Thanksgiving) is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. The term, traced to the 1970s, is now widely agreed to symbolize the turning point for most retailers (when profits go “into the black”). Black Friday is often called the busiest shopping day of the year, though only twice in the last few decades (2003 and 2005) did it actually beat the Saturday before Christmas for that record … in the United States, anyway.

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