Al Mohler’s Blogging Advice

Al Mohler gave this great advice for bloggers in his keynote address at the GodBlogCon conference in Las Vegas last week. This would apply equally well to commenting on other people’s blogs.

Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your parents, children, pastor or lost neighbor to read.

Works for me. My parents and children already read my blog. I am the pastor at my church, but my fellow elders read my blog. And I am always praying that my lost neighbors (locally and globally) will be reading the blog, too. We should always remember that our words have the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21), and guard our written and spoken words accordingly.

Al Mohler’s whole address is well worth the listen as he weaves the fascinating history of Christian influence in media from the scrolls and codices of ancient times to the printing press, radio, TV and internet.

Note: I notice Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds also has a post on appropriate blog commenting today, too.

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