So When Do You Start Preparing for Sunday?

Last week was an interesting week behind the scenes on the blog. Starting Tuesday I noticed an increasing number of people arriving at the blog after searching for “Habakkuk” and especially “Habakkuk chapter 2.” It turns out that the schedule for the International Sunday School Lessons for last Sunday called for a lesson on Habakkuk 2. I had run a whole series on Habakkuk back in the spring, and so the search engines were directing people this way.

July 10-15, 2007

What was interesting was how the closer we got to Sunday morning, the more people started arriving at the blog looking for material on Habakkuk. I figured that the number of visitors would peak on either Friday or Saturday, but the numbers continued to increase right up through Sunday morning, just hours before services were scheduled to begin.

I wonder how typical this graph is of when Sunday School teachers begin their preparation during the week. (By the way, I thank God for all of you who faithfully teach Sunday School, no matter when you prepare!) So, when do you start preparing for Sunday? 🙂


  1. debbie johnson says:

    I have the ss quarterly well in advance and really start preparing for the following Sunday’s lesson as soon as I have the current Sunday to the point I feel God is bringing me to. Like in the case of Habakkuk. I had that lesson ready two weeks ago but really kept being drawn back to chapter three and trusting GOD even in stormy weather- I sat down one night to google it to see if something just caught my eye and there was your series- Jeremiah 7 is ready to go. I was curious to know if you had done a series on him like you did Habakkuk- of course there is triple the material in the whole book of Jeremiah- I have come to realize that when you can attach real life lessons to the material, people tend to remember it better and hopefully begin to apply it to their “real lives”. What does God require for Christians in 2007? Jeremiah had a tough word to deliver to the people-the nation had forgotten GOD- whew, look at us today- What would Jeremiah say to our forgetfulness?- I cruised through your church’s web page- wow! What a ministry God has blessed you with. If you remember when your body of believers meets together again, I would like for you all to pray for a young man named Jonathan- for guidance- for right decision making, and for following the call of GOD- He could use the extra prayer support. I’ve never e-mailed anyone before- This is pretty snazzy! Thanks, A friend in CHRIST ,Debbie

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    That is awesome, Debbie. I am guessing that you are well ahead of the curve as far as lead time for preparation. Anyone else want to share? Any late Saturday night prep’pers out there? 🙂

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