A Messy Desk is the Sign of an Orderly Mind

Al Gore - An Inconvenient Desk

Wow, I finally found something that Al Gore and I both have in common. Here is a picture of Al Gore’s desk from Al Gore’s American Life in Time Magazine.

And here is my favorite messy desk picture. This is philosopher Quentin Smith looking for something in his faculty office at Western Michigan University:

Philosopher Quentin Smith's Desk

Having trouble with your desktop lately? You could try these 10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy from LifeClever.com.

Or you could try Nobel prize winner Robert Fogel’s ingenious solution:

When Nobel Laureate and University of Chicago economics professor Robert Fogel found his desk becoming massively piled he simply installed a second desk behind him that now competes in towering clutter with the first. (from A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder, by Eric Abramson and David Freedman)

As we messy-desk type people are fond of saying: “A messy desk is the sign of an orderly mind.” It must be true – how else could we posibly find anything?


  1. Jeff says:


    I think “the planet has a fever” cause it just saw how many trees were sacrificed to cover up Gore’s desk!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Ha! Good catch – I never thought of that. Perhaps I should re-label the photo, “An Inconvenient Desk.” In fact, I think I will! (Just hover your mouse over the photo for the new title.)

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