Bob Lepine – Iron Sharpens Iron 2007

(This is from a series of posts on the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference in Hartford, CT on March 24, 2007. To view the whole series, click here.)

Here is a brief summary of Bob Lepine’s keynote address at the conference.

The theme of Bob’s address was “Don’t Quit!” Bob began his address by telling us about Troy, a soldier who was killed in active duty while serving in Afghanistan. Troy was part of the Night Stalkers, a group of elite Special Operations Soldiers of the United States.

Bob recited for us the Night Stalker Creed, which speaks in bold and defiant terms of the Night Stalker’s complete dedication and loyalty to his country and his team. The Creed ends with these words: Night Stalkers Don’t Quit! “The Lord knows the way I take, and when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

Bob then challenged each of us: “Do you have a creed, a code of conduct, a mission that guides your life?” Bob said there is an epidemic today of boys trapped in men’s bodies, grown men avoiding or delaying the responsibilities of manhood.

Bob contrasted children with mature Christian adults. Children are foolish, selfish, and not under submission to God. Mature Christian adults are wise, selfless, and God-centered. Bob said that when it comes to Christian manhood, many men are either AWOL or they never signed up.

Once again, Bob challenged the men who were present: “Your wife needs you to be a Christian man. Your kids need you to be a Christian man. Your employer needs you to be a Christian man. Your church needs you to be a Christian man. Your culture needs you to be a Christian man.”

Bob played the video of the “death crawl” scene from the movie, Facing the Giants. In this scene a coach inspires one of his players to new levels of determination by refusing to let the player quit until he has given his all. Bob then encouraged each of us to step up to the responsibilities of Christian manhood, and to give it our all. And no matter how tough it gets, don’t quit!

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