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So When Do You Start Preparing for Sunday?

Last week was an interesting week behind the scenes on the blog. Starting Tuesday I noticed an increasing number of people arriving at the blog after searching for “Habakkuk” and especially “Habakkuk chapter 2.” It turns out that the schedule for the International Sunday School Lessons for last Sunday called for a lesson on Habakkuk 2. I had run a whole series on Habakkuk back in the spring, and so the search engines were directing people this way.

July 10-15, 2007

What was interesting was how the closer we got to Sunday morning, the more people started arriving at the blog looking for material on Habakkuk. I figured that the number of visitors would peak on either Friday or Saturday, but the numbers continued to increase right up through Sunday morning, just hours before services were scheduled to begin.

I wonder how typical this graph is of when Sunday School teachers begin their preparation during the week. (By the way, I thank God for all of you who faithfully teach Sunday School, no matter when you prepare!) So, when do you start preparing for Sunday? 🙂