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“Give God less glory because we lost?”

I appreciate Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl’s comments on the missed double dribble call on Virginia that potentially cost Auburn the game and a chance to advance to the NCAA title game:

The biggest point I want to make, and I’m sincere in this, I’m not just saying this because it’s politically the right thing to say. There is human error involved in the game. Kids make mistakes, coaches make mistakes. Yes, officials will make mistakes. That’s part of the game. Get over it.

Sometimes they’re going to go your way, sometimes they’re not going to go your way. Are we going to give God less glory because we lost? And it’s only because we win, it’s only when we win we give him the glory? Stop. Grow up, this is part of the game. These kids taught us, I think, in many, many ways how to handle defeat. And that’s a difficult thing to do for these young kids. And I’m proud of them.

Source: Pearl on missed double dribble: ‘Get over it’ (EPSN)

Goalie Tim Howard Talks about His Christian Faith

Yes, there is another Christian football player named Tim. Tim Howard, goalie for the U.S. National Team at the 2010 & 2014 World Cup, talks about his Christian faith.

Tim Howard

Tim’s years of American soccer helped prepare him for England, professionally and spiritually. “I came to a crossroads,” says the 27-year-old. As he tasted success on the field, he realized he had two choices: strive to be a sports idol, or give God the glory. Tim vowed to give credit to the Creator.

“The most important thing in my life is Christ. He’s more important to me than winning or losing or whether I’m playing or not. Everything else is just a bonus.” – Goalie Tim Howard

You can read more about Tim in this 2006 article from Athletes in Action:
Tim Howard: The Goal Keeper

Happy Mother’s Day from Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant to his mother in his MVP acceptance speech on May 6, 2014:

We weren’t supposed to be here. You made us believe, you kept us off the street, put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! I agree – you are the real MVPs!

Seahawks and Broncos Post Super Bowl Prayer Huddle

Lots of players pray before the big game, but how many pray afterwards? I was encouraged by this photo of Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos players joining in prayer together immediately following Super Bowl XLVIII.


In case you’re wondering who the players are, that’s Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mike Morgan (#57); and for the Denver Broncos, it’s tackle Chris Clark (#75), running back Knowshon Moreno (#27), and wide receiver Wes Welker (#83). [Update: And non-player Chip Simmons between Morgan and Welker (see comment below).]

HT: Twitter @KariVanHorn

Athlete Average Earnings Chart

From USA Today: This is an interesting chart showing the average earnings for professional athletes in various sports.


Here is the money quote: “Kobe Bryant makes more money in two field goals than the average American makes in a year.”

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John 3:16 Super Bowl Ad

There was some controversy last week about Fox Sports rejecting a Christian group’s Super Bowl commercial for being too religious, but the 30-second ad aired right before the fourth quarter after all. Here is the slightly longer director’s cut, which I like better, but you can view both ads at the group’s website:

John 3:16 Super Bowl Commercial – LookUp 316 (Video length: 0:45)

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

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Roger Federer with Another Amazing Between the Legs Shot

He did it in last year’s US Open during the semifinals against Novak Djokovic. Here he goes again in the first round of the 2010 US Open, this time against Brian Dabul of Argentina. (When Djokovic was asked if he had seen the shot, he answered, “I’ve seen it live last year, passing next to me. That’s enough traumatic experiences for me.”)

Federer Between the Legs Shot – US Open 2010 (Video length: 2:33)

Watch to the end to see comparison shots between this year and last year. This year’s shot was further behind the baseline, making it an even tougher shot to hit.

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Drew Brees: Coming Back Stronger

Saturday, December 31, 2005
San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos

Eight seconds was all it took to change my life forever. Eight seconds at the end of the second quarter, in the middle of a meaningless game. (Drew Brees, Coming Back Stronger)

Drew Brees is the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and a Christian with a strong testimony. Drew’s new book, Coming Back Stronger, was just released today. Drew shares his life story — from his parents’ divorce when he was a child, to his coming to Christ in high school, to his devastating shoulder injury with the San Diego Chargers in 2005, to his amazing comeback and the Saints’ Super Bowl win over the Indianopolis Colts in 2010.

Set against the backdrop of New Orleans, the book tells two stories: the story of Drew’s comeback from his injury and the continuing comeback of New Orleans from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Drew has an amazing story to share, and through it all he points to the Lord who uses adversity in our lives to help us not only come back, but come back stronger.

339436: Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity
Coming Back Stronger
Drew Brees, Mark B…

Buy from

“Nobody’s Perfect!”

“Nobody’s perfect!” – Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Armando Galarraga commenting on umpire Jim Joyce’s wrong call which cost Galaragga a perfect game yesterday.

From The New York Times:

“I just cost that kid a perfect game,” Joyce told reporters in Detroit. “I thought he beat the throw. I was convinced he beat the throw, until I saw the replay. It was the biggest call of my career.”

Galarraga told reporters that Joyce apologized to him after the game, adding that he had no instinct to argue the call. “He probably felt more bad than me,” Galarraga said. Smiling, he added, “Nobody’s perfect.”

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Another Round of Celtics-Lakers!

    Boston Celtics Logo     Los Angeles Lakers Logo

The Celtics-Lakers 2010 Finals begin tonight. The Celtics and the Lakers are the two most successful basketball teams in NBA history. There have been a total of 63 NBA Finals. The Celtics and Lakers have won over half of them with the Celtics winning 17 and the Lakers 15. (The Chicago Bulls are the next closest team with “only” 6 championships.)

The Celtics and Lakers have met each other 11 times in the finals, the last time just two years ago. The Celtics won the first 8 contests, the Lakers won the next 2, and then the Celtics won again in 2008. The Lakers beat Orlando in the finals last year and are looking to repeat. If they win this year, they will only be one championship way from tying Boston’s record. If Boston wins, they will increase the gap to three. As a long-time Boston Celtics fan, I am really looking forward to this one. This should be a great series.

Any predictions? Share them in the comments!

Update: The Lakers win it, 4 games to 3.

Here is a table showing all the Celtics-Lakers finals match-ups:

        Year             Champion         Opponent             Result        
2010 Lakers Celtics 4-3
2008 Celtics Lakers 4-2
1987 Lakers Celtics 4-2
1985 Lakers Celtics 4-2
1984 Celtics Lakers 4-3
1969 Celtics Lakers 4-3
1968 Celtics Lakers 4-2
1966 Celtics Lakers 4-3
1965 Celtics Lakers 4-1
1963 Celtics Lakers 4-2
1962 Celtics Lakers 4-3
1959 Celtics Lakers 4-0

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Two Amazing Baseball Plays in 2010

The 2010 baseball season is off to a great start with these two amazing plays. First up, here is pitcher Mark Buehrle’s “between-the-legs” play against the Indians on opening day.

MLB Mark Buehrle (Video length: 1:04)


Next, moving from the Major Leagues to College Ball, check out Fordham’s Brian Kownacki and his diving flip to home plate over Iona’s catcher.

Fordham’s Flip (Video length: 0:21)


Makes you wonder what the rest of the season might hold!

Federer, Sampras, Nadal, Agassi Doubles Video

On Friday, March 12, 2010, the four greatest tennis players of the past two decades played a doubles match at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras teamed up against Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal in the Hit For Haiti charity expedition that raised over $1 million dollars for the Red Cross and Haiti.

Although the match was more for entertainment than competition, it is still amazing to see these four tennis greats on the court all at the same time. Between the four of them they have a combined 222 titles (44 Grand Slams), 13 year-end No. 1 rankings, and 706 weeks at No. 1 in the ATP Rankings system. For the last 19 years straight (since 1992), one of the four has earned at least one Grand Slam title each year. Their combined prize earnings total a staggering $157,292,855.

Here is a ten-minute video clip with highlights from the match. For the record, Federer and Sampras came out on top 8-6.

Indian Wells – Federer/Sampras vs. Nadal/Agassi (Video length: 10:56)

Note: Click on the “4-arrow icon” in the bottom right corner of the video to view in full screen.