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News and Notes – 4/27/2007

Bible helps. A Cincinnatti man charged with credit card fraud was released on bond after reciting scripture in the courtroom. When the man’s attorney described his client as a church-goer, the judge asked the defendant to recite the 23rd Psalm. The man promptly recited all six verses, and the judge released him on a $10,000 appearance bond.

The Green Commandments. How many lightbulbs does it take to change a Christian? That is the title of a new booklet published by the Church of England aimed at encouraging Christians to become more environmentally conscious. Among the lifestyle changes suggested in the booklet are: carpooling to church on Sundays, vacationing locally, and using a toaster instead of a grill.

Finishing college in one year. 19-year old Nicole Matisse is on track to graduate from the University of Michigan this summer with a bachelor’s degree of psychology after only one year of studies. She entered the university last fall as a junior after passing eight advanced placement courses and completing eight community college classes. She took 19 credits in the fall semester and 27 credits this semester. She plans to start law school in the fall.

News and Notes – 3/24/2007

Water baptism by fire . . . hose. I have heard of water baptism, and baptism by fire, but never water baptism by fire hose. The United House of Prayer congregation recently held an outdoor baptism in the streets of Los Angeles where they baptized participants from the church and community by fire hose. The service was meant as a symbol of prayer for healing for the community rather than as an actual baptism.

Judas go home. I am getting a little tired of people releasing books and movies attacking the Christian faith in the weeks just prior to or following Easter. The latest offering? “The Gospel According to Judas Written by Benjamin Iscariot.” This is a fictional work rewriting the gospels from the narrative viewpoint of Judas’ son.

Preschool admissions wars. Never mind getting into the college of your choice. It’s hard enough getting into preschool these days. Slate Magazine addresses the hurdles and hassles of getting your two year old through the admissions process at high stake preschools.

News and Notes – 3/14/2007

Watch out for killer frogs! I don’t know. First we had killer bees, now we have killer frogs. The city of San Francisco is having trouble with African clawed frogs in Golden State Park. These 5-inch long amphibians have voracious appetites and are eating up the other wildlife. Now they are eating themselves . . . which should take care of the problem.

Science girl. Congratulations to Mary Masterman, a senior at Westmoore High School in Oklahoma City, who won a $100,000 scholarship in the 66th annual Intel Science Talent Search. I can hear parents all over the nation telling their teens to break out their science books.