Coronavirus Q & A and the Bible

The following is a Coronavirus Q & A session I did for our church this week answering the following five questions about coronavirus and the Bible:

1. Is the coronavirus God’s judgment for sin on the earth?
2. If God is all-good and all-powerful, why doesn’t he stop the suffering?
3. Why do Christians sometimes get sick and die?
4. Does the coronavirus mean that Jesus is coming back soon?
5. How does God want me to respond to the coronavirus?

Click here for a transcript of the video.

Coronavirus Q & A (Video length: 20:30)


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  1. Enid Davies says:

    Thank you so very much to you and your beautiful wife and puppy this morning……I found your words of support so very encouraging….God Bless You…..

    Jesus is so faithfull toward us….He is such a Truly amazing God…His Love and Care toward us is beyond description…and comprehension, as we don’t deserve it.
    His Heart is bigger than all of creation itself……Eternity is His Heart for us….I praise His Holy name……..Every blessing to you……..Enid

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