A Theology of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter


We use Google to try and feel omniscient like God. God knows all things, and with Google we feel like we can know all things, too.

We use Facebook to try and feel omnipresent like God. God is in all places at all times, and with Facebook we feel like we can be present everywhere, too.

We use Amazon to try and feel omnipotent like God. God can do all things effortlessly, and with Amazon we feel like we can get anything we want with a single click.

And Twitter, well, Twitter is just the devil.


  1. ian says:

    i’m gonna tweet this

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    ian – Ha! Good one!

  3. Isagani Fabito says:

    Yes….and we have made these techonoogies our modern idols, gods and offering them or precious time, resources.

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