PP11: “Default” principle – Choosing enjoyment over easy

(Part of the series: 12 Favorite Productivity Principles)

11. “Default” principle – Choosing enjoyment over easy

I love these last two principles. They are counterintuitive, and yet very powerful once you grasp them.

The default principle alerts us to a quirk of human nature. Unless we are intentional about what we are doing, most of us will default to what is easy over what is most enjoyable.

If I ask myself, “What do I enjoy more, reading books or reading blogs?” I actually enjoy reading books more. But it’s easier to read blogs. Unless I am intentional about it, I will default to easy every time.

If I ask myself, “What do I enjoy more, going outside or watching TV?” I actually enjoy going outside more. But it’s easier watching TV. I need to be careful that I don’t default to easy and sacrifice enjoyment along the way.

There are many areas in our lives where we automatically default to easy over enjoyment. Do you want to enjoy life? Of course you do! Then be aware of the default principle and learn to choose enjoyment over easy.

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