“Give God less glory because we lost?”

I appreciate Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl’s comments on the missed double dribble call on Virginia that potentially cost Auburn the game and a chance to advance to the NCAA title game:

The biggest point I want to make, and I’m sincere in this, I’m not just saying this because it’s politically the right thing to say. There is human error involved in the game. Kids make mistakes, coaches make mistakes. Yes, officials will make mistakes. That’s part of the game. Get over it.

Sometimes they’re going to go your way, sometimes they’re not going to go your way. Are we going to give God less glory because we lost? And it’s only because we win, it’s only when we win we give him the glory? Stop. Grow up, this is part of the game. These kids taught us, I think, in many, many ways how to handle defeat. And that’s a difficult thing to do for these young kids. And I’m proud of them.

Source: Pearl on missed double dribble: ‘Get over it’ (EPSN)

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