Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 5/27/2018

Sunday’s message in the Hot Button Topics series was called Divorce and Remarriage: Covenant, commitment, grace and forgiveness, taken from Matthew 19:3-9. Here is a brief outline of the message:

1) Biblical definition of marriage:
   – created by God (Matthew 19:4)
   – a sacred, covenant relationship (Matthew 19:5; Eph 5:32)
   – between a man and a woman (Genesis 1:27, 2:24)
   – based on a public vow of lifetime faithfulness (Matthew 19:6)

2) Two ways to break the marriage covenant:
   – Adultery breaks the covenant of sexual faithfulness (Ex 20:14)
   – Divorce breaks the covenant of lifetime commitment (Mal 2:14-16; Matt 19:7-8)

3) You can be divorced and still married in God’s eyes
   – Only God can separate what he has joined (Matthew 19:6)
   – In this case remarriage would constitute adultery (Mk 10:11-12; Lk 16:18; Rom 7:2-3)

4) When are divorce and remarriage allowed?
   – in the case of marital unfaithfulness (Matthew 5:32, 19:3,9)
   – in the case of an unbeliever divorcing a believer (1 Cor 7:12-16)
   – Otherwise, you should stay married, remain unmarried or be reconciled (1 Cor 7:10-11)

5) What about abuse?
   – No abuse of any kind is ever acceptable in marriage or any other relationship (verbal; physical; emotional; sexual)
   – A person in an abusive situation should: 1) Call the police; 2) Get away from the abuser; 3) Get long-term help
   – Scripture does not give clear grounds for divorce and remarriage in the case of abuse. All agree you should separate from the abuser and put your safety and the safety of your children first.

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