God and Natural Disasters (Hurricane Irma)

I preached yesterday on God and Natural Disasters following Hurricane Irma here in South Florida. You can click here to listen to the message: God and Natural Disasters (audio) or click here to read it: God and Natural Disasters (transcript). Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. Natural disasters are not natural
   A. God created the world good
      – Genesis 1:31
   B. Sin affected the natural world around us
      – Genesis 3:17-19

II. Natural disasters are part of God’s judgment for sin
   A. They are part of God’s general judgment for sin
      – Psalm 148:8; Romans 8:20-22
   B. We should not presume to know whether they are God’s judgment for specific sin
      – Luke 13:1-5

III. Natural disasters are meant to turn you to God
   A. They are a reminder that this world is passing away
      – 1 John 2:15-17
   B. They are a warning of the judgment to come
      – Proverbs 10:25; Matthew 24:6-8
   C. They are an occasion to put your trust in God
      – Ezekiel 33:11; Nahum 1:7; Romans 8:37-39
   D. They are an opportunity to show God’s love to others
      – 1 John 3:16-18
   E. They help you remember what’s really important in life
      – Matthew 6:19-20, 33

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