3 Things to Remember on Election Day

Here are three things to remember on Election Day. (These are adapted from a message I preached back in November 2008: A Christian in the Voting Booth.)

  1. The gospel is bigger than politics: Our faith is in Christ, not in any political party or candidate. Donald Trump is not the Messiah. Hillary Clinton is not the Messiah. Jesus Christ is the Messiah who came to make things right in the world.
  2. The church is bigger than political parties: God is neither a republican nor a democrat. Believers may disagree with each other on many issues, but that should not affect our fellowship in Christ. When we share communion together, we gather not as republicans or democrats, not as independents or libertarians, but as Christians, united together by our common faith in Christ.
  3. God is bigger than elections: (This is a good one to remember not just on Election Day but also on the day after, especially if your candidate does not win.) No matter how strongly you feel about one candidate or another, and no matter how disappointed you may feel if one candidate wins instead of another, God is bigger than all that. If the early church was able to worship God and spread the gospel under Emperor Nero, if contemporary Christians are able to worship God and spread the gospel in Communist China, trust me: we will still be able to worship God and spread the gospel under either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And whoever is elected president, you need to respect that person as your newly elected leader and pray for them accordingly.

God is sovereign. God is in control. Let us pray for the election, let us do our part in voting as responsible Christians, and then let us trust God with the results.

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