Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 7/5/2015

Sunday’s message from The Sermon on the Mount series was called Talking to Your Heavenly Father, taken from Matthew 6:9-15. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. How do we approach God in prayer? (9; also Ecclesiastes 5:2)
   A. “Our” – We approach God as part of his people
   B. “Father” – We approach God in childlike trust
   C. “Heaven” – We approach God with reverence and respect

II. Pray first about God’s concerns (9-10; also Matthew 4:17, 6:33)
   A. God’s name – Pray that people will honor and reverence the Lord
      1) “to hallow” means to reverence, to honor, to consider holy
      2) God’s name refers to God’s character or person
   B. God’s kingdom – Pray that God’s rule will overcome the world
   C. God’s will – Pray for obedience to God’s commands here on earth

III. Pray about our three main needs (11-15; also Proverbs 30:8-9)
   A. Physical needs – Pray for the daily needs of ourselves and others
      1) “bread” – symbolic of all that is necessary to sustain life
      2) “today” – trust God to provide what we need when we need it
      3) “daily” – that which is needful; we are not to pray for excess
   B. Forgiveness – Pray for forgiveness for the sins we have committed
      Note: Jesus assumes that if you have been forgiven, you will also forgive others (14-15)
   C. Spiritual victory – Pray for deliverance from temptation and Satan’s power
      1) God never tempts us (James 1:13)
      2) Ask God to help you avoid situations where sin becomes hard to resist (Psalm 23:3)
      3) We all need God’s power to overcome Satan – you can’t make it on your own!

IV. Doxology
   A. Yours is the kingdom – God alone rules over all creation
   B. Yours is the power – God alone has power to answer our prayers
   C. Yours is the glory – God alone is worthy of all praise and honor
   D. Forever – These things will always be true of our God!

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