Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 12/7/2014

Sunday’s advent message was called Birth Announcement for the Ages, taken from Matthew 1:18-25. Here is a brief outline of the message:

The birth of Jesus Christ (the Messiah):

I. Joseph’s dilemma (18-19)
   A. Mary pledged to be married to Joseph
   B. Mary found with child through the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35)
   C. Joseph had in mind to divorce her quietly (Deut 22:23-24)

II. Joseph’s dream (20-23)
   A. Conceived by the Holy Spirit
   B. A son named Jesus who will save from sin (Psalm 130:8)
   C. Immanuel – “God with us” (Isaiah 7:14; John 1:1,14)

III. Joseph’s decision (24-25)
   A. Took Mary home as his wife
   B. Had no union with her until she gave birth (Matt 13:55-56)
   C. Gave him the name Jesus

“Immanuel” – God is with us through Jesus born at Christmas!

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