Time Lapse of the Earth at Night

Here is some beautiful time-lapse footage of the earth at night as seen from the ISS (International Space Station). There are some especially beautiful sequences of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as seen from space.

All Alone in the Night (Video length: 2:29)

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  1. Bing Chang says:

    Tbis video reminds me of a poem I composed, “Light Exits”, and its associated YouTube production:

    Light Exits
    Bing Chang – 2/9/2014

    Light is here. The universe is here.
    Light is with the universe and with us.
    Here is the world that the potter made
    in time and space, and in Plato’s Cave.
    Light shines on the green Event Horizon,
    Under which atrocities are hidden.

    Hawking’s dream has always been there.
    The truth of Quantum Mechanics is there,
    So is General Relativity. Are they there?
    Light exits, vanished there in nothingness,
    “There” does not exist, and light is collapsed
    Into God’s Words, so is Hawking’s dream;
    Plato’s Cave, too.

    The YouTube Link:

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Bing Change – Thanks for sharing!

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