Book Review – Idol Lies, by Dee Brestin

This is a guest post by my wife, Rosi Fowler!
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Idol Lies, by Dee Brestin

“My name is Dee and I am an idolater.” That’s how the author begins this eye-opening book. Quite a confession, and that is exactly what I found myself confessing too before getting to the end of the book.

Once I began reading this book, it was hard to stop. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. There were so many moving testimonies of women who eventually came to the realization that they too were idolaters. Idol Lies helps us to see our idols for what they really are: lies. And those lies feed right into our souls taking up residence in our hearts. These “soul idols” are invisible; they hide well giving us false hope. But Dee Brestin helps us to recognize that these inward idols carry red flags if we know how to look for them.

The author is very personable and likeable. She has a passion for helping women live free of idols. She is a woman who experienced deep sorrow with the loss of her husband to cancer. She has struggled with her own “soul idol” and shares how we too can experience release. Dee really hits a nerve in Idol Lies.

This is a book study too. The study questions and leader’s guide are at the end of the book. She helps you dig deep into the Scriptures and includes heart probing and challenging questions. She also provides web links for free videos before each lesson.

So, if you have a deep desire to have an intimate walk with the Lord and it is just not happening, at least not lately, I recommend reading Idol Lies. You want to make sure your heart is free of idols, because they can take up residence even in mature believers.

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